This image shows The Plant at Harrisburg at night.
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Creating Authentic Urban Corridors

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Turning the scarcity of an inspired public realm into a business case.

Concept Neighborhood is aiming to change what it means to live, work, walk, and play in the Bayou City. Our team specializes in creative placemaking and thoughtful urban planning as part of our deeply rooted mission to improve quality of life for the neighborhoods we invest. By fostering both the people and businesses within these communities, our projects address the needs of growing population density while prioritizing communal value.

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Experience in Action.

Concept Neighborhood is a home team of developers who care passionately about the community where they live and the city we all share. With decades of collective experience investing in underutilized urban places, we are committed to innovative and inclusive retail, maker space, and multifamily projects that embrace the fabric of the communities we love and serve.

A growing movement East of Downtown Houston.

Driven by a melting pot of industries, Second Ward has long served as the economic backbone of Houston. With businesses operating since the birth of the Port of Houston in 1910, this unique urban crossroad resulted in the creation of a community split between industrial and residential, built to meet the needs of an influx of workers and their families. Today the neighborhood is leaning into its future by welcoming and embracing the steady stream of entrepreneurs, artists and makers occupying newly converted turn-of-the-century warehouse spaces.

Our current project: The Plant in Second Ward

Concept Neighborhood is breaking the mold on the mixed-use paradigm by fully embracing walkable and nature based urbanism in Houston at The Plant in Second Ward - a mile-long cluster of city blocks from the light rail to the bayou trail that is using retail as a form of placemaking in Houston's historic East End.

Our dynamic plan for The Plant in Second Ward includes repurposing 250,000 square feet of industrial warehouse space into 3rd-place retail concepts, creative office, and urban maker space that reflect the rich culture and diversity of the neighborhood. 

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